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100% trust, 100% fairness

Transparency in service is TekiPost’s first priority. No hidden fees, no surprise charges at the end of the bill. Get upfront rates and prices that are the lowest in the industry.

All our plans include the essentials

  • 20+ Courier Partners
  • Automated Shipment Tracking
  • COD Reconciliation, Reporting and Settlement
  • Manifestation and Labels
  • Bulk Order Processing
  • Basic Reporting and Passbook

How It Works ?

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FAQs About Pricing

Is the shipping price different for every plan?

Yes, shipping prices differ from plan to plan. The Basic and Medium plans offer most of the services for starting out but vary in features and tools that can be availed.

What are the plans that are included in the professional plan?

All three plans from Basic to Pro are included in the professional plan. However, service charges vary depending on whether you’re billed monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

None of the plans listed above match my needs. How can I use TekiPost?

Connect with experts through our website/app or customer care number at 8368659536 and get a customized plan fit for your unique requirements.